The Coe Hill food bank is open three Mondays a month. It serves twelve families. The volunteer who runs the food bank told us that some people who come to the food bank can’t even afford the 25 or 50 cents for clothing that the local thrift shop charges. So she has started to provide free clothing at the food bank. The food bank is also looking at starting a ‘wood share’ program – so people can get free wood to heat their homes.

Pat, a food bank volunteer tells us of a man who walks 10 miles to Coe Hill in order to receive ‘a little bag of food’. This man could also go to the food bank in Bancroft with public transit.

Public transit for people in Coe Hill is one bus to Bancroft every second Friday at 8:00 am. The return trip from Bancroft leaves at noon the same day. It’s about a half hour ride each way – so a person without a car has three hours in Bancroft every two weeks to go to the food bank, or do grocery shopping, keep appointments and maybe visit family or friends. If this same man went to the food bank in Bancroft he would have an additional ten mile walk back to his home after the bus drops him off in Coe Hill.