We’re thirty years into a slow-motion famine in Canada. And what’s worse, it is a famine that was planned for, and brought about by, our own government in order to funnel more money into the pockets of the 1%. They knew what they were doing, they decided to do it, and they were amply warned when they did it. But no member of the Mulroney government (or any of those that followed without reversing the policies) will ever be brought to bar to answer for the destruction and death their policies have caused.

… While most threats to food security come from natural hazards–lack of rainfall, global warming, desertification– we don’t expect the hazard to be caused by our own government. Particularly not in a “democracy” such as ours. But that is exactly what the neo-liberal policies pursued under Mulroney et al. have done. Food banks sprang up immediately as the Mulroney government attacked income re-distributive programmes in Canada. And they have never gone away.