As I was driving my son to school Monday morning, he looked over as we listened to CBC radio and asked, ”Why do we keep doing the turkey drive Dad, if what they say is true, and the need increases every year, why do we keep doing the same things year in year out?” he asks. You are right, I answered, we are not doing enough and our efforts are misdirected.

What does not surprise me is the generosity of all Islanders, who dig deep into their pockets and extend a hand to those in need. Year in, year out, families, schools, business and individuals do what they can to help others. Imagine if our collective energy on PEI was to eradicate poverty, Imagine!!

We need a living wage, we need a basic income guarantee, we need to support our farmers, our fishers, innovation in food, and those organisations like PEI Food Exchange and discover real solutions now. Afterall it is 2015, and I did hear someone say they were doing business differently?