A Facebook friend writes:

“You’d think the kind of guy who resents having to give free stuff to ‘poorer Americans’ would be strongly in favor of said Americans investing in a single, portable item that delivers access to education and information, to the contemporary world’s equivalent of the ‘want ads,’ and a stable point of contact via email, text and voice to someone who may have no other stability in life; heck, making them reachable by employers!

“Apparently Mr. Chaffetz simultaneously fails to understand health care, poverty and networked technology. Quite the trifecta!”

Everybody was all over poor Jason Chaffetz last week. The congressman from Utah uttered a spectacularly ill-advised crack about how people who lose their health insurance when his fellow Republicans finally kill Obamacare should just suck it up and not buy the latest iPhone.

Facebook and Twitter were, as is their nature, immediate and relentless. The idea that anyone could afford a year’s worth of health insurance, or even a week’s worth of chemo, for the price of a 6S was so laughable that the tweetstorm quickly became a tsunami.