In B.C. Budget 2017, the provincial government continues to ignore the crisis of poverty and inequality in B.C. In fact, if you search for “poverty” in the budget document, there is not one single mention of this issue, despite B.C. having the second highest poverty rate in Canada and one in five children living in poverty. The plight of almost 600,000 people in B.C. is overlooked once again.

Almost two-thirds of those on income assistance in B.C. are people with disabilities (PWD) and they will likely spend their lives on these deeply inadequate PWD rates. This is not a gift but a lifetime of poverty.

For those on basic welfare, there was not even a token gift. Those struggling to survive on $610 per month get nothing, despite the rate being frozen for a decade now. And we all know how much the cost of living has increased in that time as unaffordability becomes the rallying cry throughout B.C. – See more at: