The YWCA St. Thomas Elgin has number-crunched its way to a new living wage for 2017: $16.03 per hour. The living wage calculated in 2015 was $16.47 per hour.

The decrease can be attributed in part to the increase in the Canada child benefit, said Kellie Coelho, YWCA’s manager of health and wellness.

“This will add income to households raising children,” Coelho said. “It also means that families, because it’s not subject to taxation, will pay less in taxes as well.”

The living wage is what people need to earn based on the cost of living in St. Thomas and Elgin County. Things like child care, food, transportation, communication, clothing, education, utilities and rent are included in the calculation.

The living wage is based upon a family of four; two parents and two children ages seven and three.