Back in February, Halifax council directed city staff to prepare a report … that addresses options for scoring of Local preference, social economic benefit, employee compensation/living wage, and environmental impact when evaluating proposals, and recommend any supporting amendments to the procurement policy as a result.

That report, written by Senior Procurement Consultant Erin MacDonald and signed off on by CAO Jacques Dubé, will be presented to council tomorrow.

The short of it is that MacDonald suggests council kick the can down the road a piece by … direct[ing] staff to create a cross departmental working group to engage external stakeholders, conduct further investigation and recommend with respect to whether or not to adopt a policy framework for the consideration of social economic benefit, employee compensation/living wage and environmental impacts in the procurement process (excluding local preference) and report back to Council.

MacDonald does not say how long it will take the “working group” to develop the framework, but however long it is, it’s too long.