It’s Incredible! I just could not believe my eyes!

“These are just a few of the nice words that came to my mind when I read the news about the Department of Social Development paying Ernst and Young $13.2 million dollars without even going to the tender process.“ says Johanne Petitpas, co-chair of the Common Front. “When the Common Front applied this year for a subsidy of $1,800 (not $1,8 million) for translation of a document for our activity, we needed to submit quotes from two different translators, the budget for the whole event and our Constitution. Quite a difference of policies if you ask me.“

“Social assistance recipients have to account for every small expense with a receipt, and we have a Department who is accepting to pay $646,000 in travel expenses from this company without any receipts. We have citizens who have to go to doctors for appointments but cannot be reimbursed because of strict policies, and, on the other hand, we have this company that exceed by $700,000 its purchasing order without penalties. Unbelievable!“ continues Ms. Petitpas.