There is a lack of affordable housing in the area. The Hastings Housing Resource Centre and Housing First Working Group of the Poverty Roundtable Hastings Prince Edward are reaching out to landlords and property owners to fix that.

There aren’t any affordable rentals left in the county, according to centre executive director Cathie West. The inventory of affordable housing in Hastings County neared zero at the end of July. As of Aug. 21, there was one one-bedroom, four two-bedrooms and one-three bedroom dwellings listed. That’s compared to nearing or exceeding 10 listings for each sized dwelling daily.

“We’re concerned. In our offices here in Belleville we’re seeing a lot more homeless people than we’ve ever seen,” said West, noting she’s had calls from North Hastings for housing as well. The centre supports homeless people, or those at risk of becoming homeless, by helping them find and maintain affordable housing within the county. Landlords come forward and make their listings known to them.