Pallister tax proposal absurd

Well that didn’t take long.

Sixteen months and 10 days after being sworn into office and Premier Brian Pallister is already talking about raising taxes. I guess we now know who the real Brian Pallister is.

The premier said Wednesday that health care costs are escalating so rapidly, government will have no choice but to either bring in a new health tax or cut services. With the federal government no longer increasing health care transfers to the provinces by 6% a year (Manitoba got a 3.4% increase from Ottawa in 2017), the “stark” reality is that Manitoba has no choice but to either charge Manitobans a health care premium on their income taxes or slash services, Pallister said.

Of course, the premier’s assertions are utter nonsense. He’s creating an entirely false and misleading scenario and attaching a fabricated ultimatum to it. The evidence clearly shows he’s not telling Manitobans the truth. Which is why his tax proposal is hopelessly indefensible.