“Thriving,” according to Nishi Kumar, a junior fellow at the Wellesley Institute, is more than the bare minimum, more than just food and shelter. It demands, what she calls, a “higher standard of living that promotes good health today and in the future.”

“It’s time to start looking beyond minimum wage and minimum survival,” opines Hynes, “How can we have a better life as opposed to an adequate life? If all you’ve got is enough to survive, you can’t really participate in the community…You’re in effect isolated.”

In her report, “Thriving in the City: What does it cost to live a healthy life?” which the Star had exclusive access too, Kumar found that the cost of thriving in the Greater Toronto Area for a single person aged 25-40 is between $46,186 and $55,432 after tax. This is more than double the current income level for an Ontario minimum wage worker, ($20,000 after taxes).