Thursday evening, after a day of bitter cold and rain verging on snow, the power went out across Bowen Island. Islander Jen McIntyre wrote and posted the story of her day on the Bowen Island Everything Else Facebook Page. Her story told of lucking-out by finding a hard-working labourer on short notice on a miserable day, helping him out by bringing him home to warm up and get clean and dry, and then ended in despair, with the man leaving, with no place where he would be able to spend the night.

“Shouldn’t anyone who really wants to be here, be afforded a chance at a locally good-paying job, a warm bed and a place to bathe and cook?” Asked McIntyre.

“He must be trying to find a ride to ‘somewhere,’ right now, and the wind is howling.”

This kicked off a long conversation about homelessness on Bowen, and by the next day, plans for an afternoon meeting to take action were in place.