Person in a sleeping bag next to a roadway

November 4, 2017


Life not sunny for all

While a majority of Kelowna residents say their quality of life is very good, (40 per cent) or good (54 per cent), a growing number believe that quality of life is declining.

Those findings are part of a citizen’s survey the city contracts Ipsos Public Affairs to produce every two to three years.

Thirty-three per cent who responded said their quality of life is worse than it was two years ago, compared with just 22 per cent who said their life has improved.

A variety of social issues were cited for the dip in quality of life. These include:

Rising cost of living – 14 per cent

Drugs – 14 per cent

Too crowded/busy – 13 per cent

Housing affordability – 12 per cent

Increased poverty/homelessness – 11 per cent