The NDP is hoping that Ontario continues to improve Social Assistance programs across the province.

In Queen’s Park, NDP leader Andrea Horwath demanded that the Liberals implement various recommendations to Ontario’s Social Assistance programs. A report released by the Minister of Community and Social Services, Helena Jaczek, includes advice to government to guide decisions on a multi-year path for reforming the income security system.

The recommendations include a 15 per cent increase to the Ontario Disability Support program, a housing benefit to be implemented by 2019, and the expansion of all health benefits to low-income families.

“In the last 22 years under both the Conservatives and the Liberals, monthly social assistance in Ontario has gone up by just eight per cent – and that’s before you factor in inflation,” said Horwath. “Eight per cent is just not enough for a family to pay rent, buy food, clothes, school supplies for the kids and try to scrape by on. It’s not enough – and the Wynne Liberals have done next to nothing to fix this during their 14 years in government,” she said.