Dear Premier Horgan,

A few days before Christmas, you tweeted, “Everyone needs a little help from time to time. This is a good time to get in touch with your local food bank to see what they need most,” and you provided the link to find local food banks.

Your advice as B.C. Premier and leader of the NDP deserves more than a tweeted response. It will not have passed your notice that since the late fall, the CBC, the private media, food banks, missions, churches, community groups and supermarkets have been busily raising funds and donations while feeding the hungry and homeless. All the while confirming domestic hunger as the downloaded business of charity, no longer a political responsibility, let alone obligation, of government.

Your tweet acknowledges food banks as an entrenched part of the B.C. welfare system modelled on U.S.-style corporate charity and wasted food. Yet we know food banks are a Band-Aid response to a broken social safety net. Hungry people need much more than a little help, not just at Christmas but year-round.