This is my last column as a freelance columnist for the Hamilton Spectator for now. I am declaring my intention to seek the nomination as the Liberal candidate in Hamilton Centre. I would be running against Andrea Horwath. It would not be easy, but I feel compelled.

I have stood beside Andrea in solidarity at many rallies over the years as we were on the same side of so many issues. Now our paths have diverged. Her silence on poverty is disheartening. In 2014, an election was triggered because Andrea led her party to vote against a Liberal budget, in part, in protest of the $14 minimum wage.

That same year, longtime Ontario NDP members including Michele Landsberg, partner of former ONDP party leader Stephen Lewis, and Toronto public health nurse and former NDP candidate Cathy Crowe were among many signatories to a letter to Andrea which stated, “If the NDP does not stand with working people, poor people, with women, with immigrants, then what does it stand for? We urge you to change course.