John Clark knows how to live rough. He’s been doing it off and on for much of his life.

Clark currently lives in a tent on a wooded piece of property in an industrial area of Napanee.

He’s a familiar face around town, recognizable for his outlandish outfits and interesting modes of transportation (a powder-blue suit, a snorkel and bright orange sarong, his pink bicycle, roller blades) and his unique way of wandering: chasing a ball with a hockey stick up and down the streets of town, sometimes chatting away to himself, sometimes humming. Always jovial.

Clark was evicted from his apartment in October 2017. He lived with his sister for two months during the winter but then came back to Napanee where his friends are. He’s lived in foyers and staircases and on friends’ couches, but he’s been in a tent for the past few months.