The 2018 Winnipeg Street Census revealed some startling facts about homelessness in the city.

After surveying approximately 1,500 people experiencing homelessness on April 17 and 18 it found that 61.2 per cent of respondents identified as Indigenous and 65.1 per cent are male.

The survey, which was conducted over a 24-hour period, found 38 per cent of respondents live in absolute homelessness, meaning outside or in a shelter, and 60.2 per cent are provisionally accommodated.

In terms of age, anyone under 16 was not surveyed because they are below the age of consent. The median age of people experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg is 39, and 367 of the survey’s respondents are under 29. The survey found 20 seniors; aged 65 or older are experiencing homelessness.