That staff report includes an outline of funding for Quinte West Transitional Housing and the Belleville Warming Room staffing, as well as emergency shelters such as Grace Inn.

Belleville Councillor Kelly McCaw called for a reduction in the funding for Grace Inn.

“I cant really agree to allocate the total funding to Grace Inn unless they’re prepared to commit to us that they’re going to service our residents entirely first and foremost.”

“I’d like to see a recalculation of $115,000 to reduce the Grace Inn component by 31% to $79,350 and reallocating the other funds that were initially going to Grace Inn … $17,025 to Salvation Army and the same to Three Oaks. The reason I use those numbers is this is their report that they gave us showing that they were only serving 69% of our residents in Hastings County. So that said. If you’re going to serve 69% of our residents you should only receive 69% of an allocation.”